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  • Bricolsoft Zip Compression Component  v.2009Bricolsoft Zip is an easy-to-use, high performance, PKZIP-compatible ActiveX data compression component/library that lets developers quickly add zip and unzip functionality to their applications.
  • BIGSPEED Video Compression SDK  v.1.0video capture, video compression ...
  • Byte Order Compression  v.1.1.0A simple to use compression tool for everyone.
  • 6-bit Binary Compression  v.3.2.0This is a fast 6-bit compression routine ...
  • Express Zip Free Mac Compression Program  v.2.30Express Zip Free for Mac is an archiving and compression tool. Express Zip easily creates, manages, and extracts zipped files and folders. This product allows for fast and efficient file zipping and unzipping.
  • Express Zip Compression Software Free  v.5.17Express Zip Free File Compression Software. Easily create, edit, manage and extract zipped files and folders. Compress to reduce file size for email transmission or save hard drive disc space when archiving. Supports .zip, .rar and .tar file format.
  • MITCalc Compression Springs  v.1.22Geometric and strength designs of helical compression cylindrical springs loaded with static or fatigue loading. Application supports Imperial and Metric units, is based on ANSI, ISO, DIN standards and support many 2D and 3D CAD systems.
  • Xceed Zip Compression Library  v.6.0Add Zip/Unzip functionality to your apps quickly and easily. This high-performance component has the industry's richest feature set and works with all languages that support ActiveX or DLLs. Includes WinZip 9.0-compatible AES strong encryption.
  • Xceed Streaming Compression  v.1.1Xceed Streaming Compression Library is an ultra light, high-performance "raw" compression library. It offers the ability to compress and decompress streaming data, buffers, strings or single files and supports multiple compressed data formats.
  • HTTP Compression Module  v.1Reduce bandwidth useage up to 80 percent and make your web site more responsive with better load times.
  • Infima Jpeg Compression SDK  v.1.3The technology that lies behind Infima Image compression allows Infima to re-compress JPEG files by an average of nearly 20% without causing any addition loss in image quality (Bit to Bit reproduction).
  • Chilkat Real-Time Compression Component  v.1.0.0Chilkat RT Compress is a free COM component offering real-time memory-to-memory compression and decompression.
  • Delta kitchen faucets  v.1.0delta kitchen faucets, this easy to use free CHMOD calculator will show you how to set file permissions in both Octal and Symbolic format. It will teach you how to set file permissions until you remember how to do it ...
  • Easy Compression Library  v.3.55With Easy Compression Library you can add advanced compression and encryption functionality to your projects as quickly and easily as never before. Based on new original One-Stream technology, this toolkit has everything you need to compress and ...
  • 3ivx Delta 4  v.4.0.43ivx video is a modern MPEG-4 video compression system which allows high quality video in unprecedented file sizes.The 3ivx decoder plays back most MPEG-4 variants (including DivX 3,4 and 5, Apple MPEG-4, Philips MPEG-4 and XviD). The 3ivx decoder ...
  • BIGSPEED Voice Compression SDK  v.1.0Usually, when a VoIP application is being developed, several software libraries are needed to perform the necessary voice handling tasks. The purpose of this SDK is to provide integrated, one-stop solution for audio capture/playback, voice ...
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